World Association of Folklore Festivals


This is intended for the prospective users of the official emblem and logotype of WAFF. It describes the conditions and standards for their correct and effective use. The WAFF emblem and the designations of WAFF events are "copyrighted" and protected names. This means that they cannot be modified in any way. Only WAFF may authorise the use of its properties or delegate their use to an Organising Committee or a third party. In each case, the use of its properties must be done in accordance with the spirit and regulations of WAFF. Any grant, license or commercial use must contain the appropriate WAFF regulation and be respected by the parties concerned.

Conditions of Use

The emblem and designations must be used in the same manner for all aspects of the event, whether printed or in another form. The designation may be in the language of the host country, but it must also appear in English unless authorised by WAFF. The designation of the event along with the WAFF emblem must appear on all official and promotional materials, and in all the facilities and surroundings (starting numbers, scoreboards, billboards in all the stadiums and stages venues, flags and billboards around the cultural facilities). The emblem of the event must be in accordance with these guidelines and be approved by the WAFF Executive Commitee. The use of the emblem of the event is authorised for commercial purposes. However, the emblem may not be associated with the name of certain commercial companies when used on official documents or at official ceremonies. In any case, the association with another name or logo may not alter the official emblem; the name or logo may not exceed one-fourth of the size of the official emblem.


The WAFF flag will include the emblem of WAFF centred on a flag made out of white material.

The recommended size is:

  • for official use in halls or venues: 200 cm wide x 150 cm high,
  • for the official flag at the opening ceremony: 450 cm wide x 300 cm high or 600 cm wide × 450 cm high,
  • for oriflammes: 80 cm wide × 120 cm high.


The logo of WAFF

is protected and can be used only after receiving a signed authorization by formal letter.
It can be used only on:
-  Writing paper, brochures and publications of WAFF
-  Writing paper, brochures and publications of WAFF Members, including their websites.
-  Visiting cards of elected officers of WAFF, that is members of the Executive Committee of WAFF, as well as members of the Executive Committees of WAFF.
The logo cannot appear on certificates, diplomas or prizes given to non-members. It cannot be used in connection with events organized by members of WAFF. It can only be used at events endorsed by WAFF after receipt of a formal letter of endorsement.