Regulation of statut

  1. Application for admission
The Executive Committee may lay down the procedure for admission in special regulations.
  1. Confederations
  1. The Executive Committee shall decide whether the Association fulfills the requirements for admission to WAFF based on the Confederation’s final report.
  2. If the requirements have been fulfilled, the next Congress shall decide whether to admit the Association or not.
  1. Nomination
  1. Each jury member appointed to an international event shall belong to a neutral Member unless otherwise previously agreed by the Members concerned.
  2. The jury members chosen to officiate at an international event shall be included in the official WAFF List of International Jury members.
  1. Report
  1. The chairman of the jury of every international event shall send a report within 48 hours of the event both to WAFF and the Member on whose territory the event took place.
  2. This report shall be made on the official form given to the jury by the Member under whose jurisdiction the match was played.
  3. The report shall record
    1. The participants in the event;
    2. The final position;
    3. Which groups are prize winners;
    4. Any disciplinary measures taken and the reasons for these measures.
  1. Reimbursement
  1. Jury members at international events shall be entitled to:
    1. a daily allowance;
    2. reimbursement of travel expenses.
WAFF’s Expenses Regulations shall determine the amounts, travel category and number of days due for reimbursement to which referees and assistant referees are entitled.
  1. The amount owed to the jury members shall be paid to them in an easily convertible currency on the same day as the match by the organizing Member.
  2. The expenses for hotel and board incurred by referees and assistant referees of international matches shall be borne by the organizing Member.
  1. Enforcement
The Regulations Governing the Application of the Statutes were adopted at the Congress in Veliko Tarnovo on 31 March 2013 and come into force on 31 April 2013.
Veliko Tarnovo,
31 March 2013
For the WAFF Executive Committee